"Certified Student Property Specialists"

Our services

" We have spent 10 years perfecting a system that works bilaterally and eases the production and management aspect of turnovers for our clients "

                                                                               -Matthew Feres / CEO


We at CSPS Inc. have developed a system by integrating multiple trades into a cooperative and strategic workflow solution.

Our labor force ensures quality production, our management team ensures performance and our administrative team ensures organization and tracking.

MAINTENANCE: Technicians provided for all related repair items. (towel bars, light bulbs, blinds, doors, handles, sinks, fixtures, etc)

PAINTERS: Touch up painting, half and full walls, doors and trim, and "full paints".

JANITORIAL: Our cleaning crews are detail oriented and experienced in required standards.

CARPET CLEANING: We have multiple crews/vans to follow up behind the others as janitorial completes their units.

INSTALLERS: We have qualified crews to handle any and all flooring related items. (carpet patch, carpet replacement, VCT, vinyl plank flooring, etc.)

Administrative: Our uniquely developed tracking system was created to maintain constant oversight of production. This allows for accurate forecasts in production, regular updates and organization for next day lists.